Why choose us?

Every company looks for stable and experienced cooperation partners that can provide high-quality service and solve arising problems, offering new and innovative solutions. The experience that we have gained in trading electricity on the open market since 2007 enables us to understand the customers' wishes and adapt to them, offering the most suitable products for their needs and the most mutually advantageous model of cooperation. Our experience of over 70 years in electricity generation, in turn, ensures stability and security for our customers.

If you opt for Elektrum, you will not only support the national economy – you will also choose environmentally-friendly electricity, because we have been acknowledged as one of the greenest electricity producers in Europe.

Our customers gain numerous advantages:

portals copy.png Convenient and modern self-service on the elektrum.lv portal PBG.png Environmentally-friendly energy
ERA.png Power Supply Fault Insurance for free Dokuments2.png United bill including both electricity trade and distribution and transfer services
Smaids.png Friendly customer service over the toll-free helpline 80200400 EParaksts.png Possibility of e-signing of contracts and other documents
EEC ikonas p_rveidojums-02.png Free seminars and consultations in our Energoefficiency Centre web.png The most up-to-date information on elektrum.lv portal
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