Energy efficiency e-learning for employees


In order to achieve high energy efficiency indicators, replacement of technology alone is not enough. Training of employees and their involvement in energy efficiency measures is also required.

It is essential to involve the company’s employees of all levels in maintaining the energy management system.

It is also important to continuously improve the level of knowledge of all the company’s employees by educating them on daily energy saving measures and raising their awareness about energy efficiency in the long term and its global impact.

In order to educate your employees on the matters of energy efficiency, raise their awareness about energy efficient actions and provide motivation to improve their habits of using energy sources, Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre offers a practical and interactive free training course in energy efficiency.

The interactive training in energy efficiency covers five key topics on the optimisation of energy consumption: heating, ventilation, lighting, water and transport.

First, the theory of each topic is learnt, followed by testing the theoretical knowledge in an interactive task.

At the end of the training course, the employees are supposed to use the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge in energy efficiency to test out their skills in energy management of a virtual company.

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