Natural Gas trade

We encourage you to assess and choose the natural gas supply offer that suits you best. Thanks to our long-term experience on the market, we can offer you well-thought-through and cost-effective solutions. We will take care of all formalities related to the change of your natural gas trader

Becoming Our Client

If you use natural gas in your company’s business, we invite you to apply for receiving a natural gas supply offer. We will prepare a gas supply offer tailored to your needs, so that it suits you best.

We are convinced that you appreciate stability and predictability; therefore, we are offering you a fixed price product:

  • a fixed constant price for 12 or 24 months;
  • friendly payment terms;
  • the opportunity to choose another offer without the contract termination fee;
  • natural gas without consumption limits.

By choosing us, you can be sure that you will receive a clear and understandable bill and will be able to predict your company’s costs for natural gas.

We also offer you the opportunity to choose the purchase of natural gas using the advantages of a variable price. 

Changes in natural gas prices are influenced by trends in the natural gas and oil products market, which  are influenced by weather conditions, seasonality, natural gas demand and supply ratio.

If prices will change, we will inform you about this in the current invoice. The new price will come into effect the next month.

Also for this product, we provide friendly terms of payment and do not apply a penalty fee if you want to change the type of product.

You do not have to do anything to change your natural gas trader – we will take care of all the formalities. 

Important Things About the Opening of the Latvian Natural Gas Market 

Dabasgazes-ikona1Choose a trader by the 15th date of the month, for the contract to take effect on the 1st date of the following month.

Dabasgazes-ikona_2You just have to inform the chosen trader and they will do the rest for you.

Dabasgazes-ikona_3You will receive bills from and make payments to the chosen trader only.

 Operation of the Latvian Natural Gas Market


Physical supply of gas, regulated by the state, will still be ensured by the transmission and distribution operators Conexus Baltic Grid AS and Gaso AS regardless of the chosen trader.

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