About the natural gas market

What is important to know about the natural gas market opening in Latvia?

The natural gas energy market operates on a similar basis as the electricity market: we will ensure the trading of natural gas, while distribution services, as well as transmission and storage, will be provided by operators regardless of the trader chosen.

Ikona_1choose a trader by the 15 th date of the month, for the agreement to enter into force on the 1 st of the following month;

Ikona_2you only need to inform your chosen trader, the rest will be done for you;

Ikona_3you will only receive an invoice and settle for natural gas with the selected trader.


How does the natural gas market work in Latvia?

 natural gas market

The physical supply of natural gas, regulated by the state, will continue to be provided by the transmission and distribution operators AS“Conexus Baltic grid” and AS “Gaso”, regardless of the trader chosen.