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On the service

What is the payment procedure for the service?

If you have concluded an agreement on electricity supply with Elektrum, we include the charge for the Energomonitoring service in the electricity bill. The invoices must be disbursed as usual.

If you have not concluded an agreement on electricity supply with Elektrum, we issue a separate invoice for the service, which must be disbursed within 20 days as of invoicing.

How long will it take for the service to be available after sending the application?

We will contact you and agree on the time and place of the installation within three business days from the registration of the application. Depending on the equipment installed and the number of connections, instantaneous consumption data will be shown on the portal at once, while the historical data — within 10–15 minutes following the equipment installation.

Is it also possible to apply for the service for clients who have no electricity supply agreement concluded with Elektrum?

Yes, you can also apply for the service if you have concluded an agreement with another electricity supplier.

On equipment

How does the equipment read data?

In the switchgear cabinet the wires, which are connected to automatic switches, are encircled by connectors for data reading. They transmit the information to the portal through the data recorder.

How do Elektrum Energomonitoring equipment data differ from the data read by smart meters?

It is not possible to differentiate individual consumers in the data, which are read by smart meters, just the total consumption at a 5-minute interval. This service offers to see the data at a 1-minute interval and analyse the consumers in a group or individually.

Is it possible to verify the electricity meter readings via this equipment?

These data are sufficiently precise for the consumption analysis but they are not as precise as needed for payment settlements.

Does Energomonitoring equipment also show the reactive capacity?

The equipment measures current intensity. The capacity is calculated on the assumption that the network voltage is 230V.

How much electricity does Energomonitoring equipment consume?

The capacity, consumed by the equipment, is 1W.

What is the guarantee period of the Energomonitoring equipment?

Energomonitoring equipment has a 24-month guarantee period as of the moment of the installation of the equipment in your object in the event of its purchase.

Who produces Elektrum Energomonitoring equipment?

The equipment is designed and produced by the manufacturer “Gercini” LTD in Latvia.

Can I buy Energomonitoring equipment within the service?

Yes, you can buy the equipment either by making a lump sum payment for its full value or by leasing it for 12 consecutive months.

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