Energy Efficiency Centre


Since 1997, Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre has been raising public awareness about energy efficient and environmentally friendly electricity user skills.

You are invited to explore Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre by taking a virtual tour.

Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre specialists give consultations and recommendations regarding

  • light bulb selection criteria,
  • space heating solutions,
  • efficient use of household electrical appliances,
  • latest electrical appliances and their selection parameters,
  • the guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply,
  • lightning and surge protection,
  • electric vehicles and their charging possibilities,
  • use of renewable sources of energy.

Everyone is invited to attend events and educational workshops organised by Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre free of charge, participate in the field trips, as well as receive individual consultations from the Centre specialists regarding efficient use of energy resources in domestic life and business. 

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