Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the efficient use of energy. Energy efficient solutions allow to reduce energy consumption, while maintaining the comfort of life or even improving it.


Unfortunately, we often choose electrical appliances carelessly and think about efficient and rational use of such appliances only in few cases. But each and every one of us can create positive change, and sometimes it needs little or nothing. For example, when leaving a room, remember to switch off the light, or when making a meal – to regulate the temperature of the stove, or when brushing your teeth in the morning – to let the water flow from the tap only when it is really needed.

By improving your energy use habits, power consumption can be reduced by at least 10%.

Our actions and daily habits can influence both efficient use of our family's financial resources and reasonable use and protection of our common natural resources. 

We invite you to get acquainted with the energy efficiency tips that are friendly for both the environment and the wallet!

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