Combined boiler
  1. Manufacturer and model
  2. Space heating function
  3. Water heating function that includes the declared load profile of the hot water boiler
  4. Energy efficiency class for the space heating
  5. Energy efficiency class for the water heating
  6. Noise level in the room, in decibels
  7. Rated heat output, in kilowatts

The energy label applies to combined boilers for space heating and hot water.

The declared load profile of the water heater indicates the load profile, at which the energy efficiency class (from 3XS to XXL) has been specified by the manufacturer. It includes the frequency and amount of daily water intake, water temperature, and other parameters.

3XS and XXS water heaters are suitable for small offices or hand washing. XS and S heaters are suitable for larger offices or for washing dishes and hands. M-XXL heaters are suitable for household needs. The higher the load profile, the more suitable the heater for households with a larger number of occupants.