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What are the biggest electricity consumers at home?

Most electricity is consumed by electric heating; the second largest consumer is the electric water heater and the third one is the refrigerator, as it is very often misused (in terms of its placement, the set temperature and filling it with food), leading to excessive consumption of electricity.

How to take care of an electric water heater to avoid wastage of electricity?

In order for a tank water heater, or boiler, not to consume electricity excessively, the water heating temperature should be set in the range of 55 – 59 °C. It is advisable not to set a lower temperature, because it contributes to unwanted bacterial growth in the water heater’s tank, while setting a higher temperature will result in unnecessary power consumption. Besides, keep in mind that to maintain the efficient heating function of the water heater, its heating element should be cleaned approximately once a year. If you have the necessary knowledge, you can do it yourself, but otherwise entrust this task to a specialist.

Does a refrigerator’s power consumption vary depending on the temperature set?

The temperature set in a refrigerator is one of the key factors affecting its power consumption. The optimum temperature is +5 °C in the fridge compartment and -18 °C in the freezer. The refrigerator’s power consumption increases by about 5% per each unnecessarily lowered degree.

If a refrigerator has a temperature regulator without specific temperature graduations, the set temperature can be checked by inserting a thermometer in the refrigerator. It is advisable to measure the temperature on the middle shelf as it will have approximately the set temperature, while the temperature on the upper shelf will be higher and the temperature on the lower shelf will be lower.

Is it worth buying a new refrigerator if the old one still serves the purpose?

It is worth considering the purchase of a new refrigerator if the current refrigerator is at least 10 years old: its power consumption may be even more than twice as high as that of a modern refrigerator with a higher class of energy efficiency.

How long does it take for LED light bulbs to pay off?

LED light bulbs may seem expensive when you purchase them , but the invested funds pay off in a very short time, even in a couple of months, because their electricity consumption is 90% lower than that of incandescent light bulbs, which results in lower electricity costs during their use. They also last about 20 times longer. If you are in doubt about the payback period of light bulbs, we suggest using the Bulb Selection Assistant in the Elektrum app, which can help you to find out how long it takes for light bulbs to pay off.

How to clean a mixer tap aerator?

The easiest way to clean a mixer tap aerator is to unscrew it and brush it thoroughly with a toothbrush or another a bit harder brush.

Are combined washer dryers as effective as separate appliances?

The quality of drying the laundry in a combined appliance is equivalent to that of a separate dryer, provided that the maximum amount of laundry to be loaded is observed. However, when choosing a washer dryer, keep in mind that this appliance will be able to dry approximately twice as little laundry as it can wash. Moreover, today’s market does not offer as technologically advanced combined models as separate dryers, so a combined appliance will dry the laundry longer and the power consumption may also be higher. Besides, a dryer combined with a washing machine has fewer functions and modes available.

Will laundry be clean if I wash it at a temperature of 30°C or lower?

Laundry will be clean even if it is washed at 15 °C, but it should be remembered that this temperature does not eliminate dust mites, allergens and other bacteria. Therefore, it is advisable to wash bed linen, towels and underwear separately at 60 °C, since these items accumulate most bacteria. To prevent bacterial growth in the washing machine, leave the door and the detergent drawer of the appliance open after each laundry wash and wipe the rubber seal around the door.

Is the food heated in a microwave oven safe?

Microwave energy is not evenly distributed within food, so microwave oven-heated food should be left aside for a few minutes after removing it from the oven to let the heat distribute evenly over the food. After cooking, the microwaves do not stay in the food and disappear after the oven is switched off, just like the light in a bulb. The food cooked in a microwave oven is safe, and the product’s taste, flavour or nutritional value do not change.

Is a dishwasher advantageous for a large family only?

A dishwasher is also advantageous for one person or two people, as it consumes about 10 times less water than if washing up is done by hand. In addition, it also saves electricity for the preparation of hot water if the home is fitted with an electric water heater, and time, as all you need to do is put dishes in the appliance and remove them later.

If you have a concern that you will not be able to fill up the dishwasher with dishes, you can buy a compact appliance, but it is worth it only if your kitchen is very small. A standard dishwasher can be easily used to wash anything: frying pans, saucepans, baking trays, food processor parts, extractor hood filters and even vases and jars.

How to choose a new vacuum cleaner after the adoption of the new changes regarding the reduction in vacuum cleaner power?

In accordance with the European Union (EU) legislation with regard to energy efficiency labelling and ecodesign requirements for vacuum cleaners, the power of vacuum cleaners produced after 1 September 2017 shall be less than 900 W, while improving the suction quality and the exhaust air quality and reducing the noise level. Therefore, now the vacuum cleaner’s power only shows the consumption of electricity and not the quality of suction, and when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner attention should be paid to the cleaning efficiency class on hard and soft floor surfaces indicated on the energy efficiency label. See energy efficiency labels here.

How to air rooms effectively during the heating season?

To air a room properly, open the window completely for several minutes several times a day, so that the air in the room is exchanged as quickly as possible, but the surface of the furniture and the floor does not have time to cool down. If the heating radiator is equipped with a temperature regulator, turn it off or switch it to the symbol “T” while airing the room. If, however, the window is left open in the so-called ventilation mode, the temperature in the room will drop unnecessarily low, but the required air exchange will not be ensured.


How much does it cost to travel 100 km with an electric vehicle?

To cover a distance of 100 km, an electric vehicle consumes 20 kWh of electricity on average. Assuming that the price of electricity is 0.05853 EUR/kWh, the average cost of a 100 km ride by electric car is EUR 1.17.

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