Conclude new agreement

Concluding new agreement for any of Elektrum products is quick and easy.

  • Are you a new customer? 
  • Do you already have a valid agreement with Latvenergo AS or need to take over the object in your name, for example, when purchasing real property, entering into a tenancy agreement or for other reason? Thus you will have to log in to the Elektrum portal and add new object under the sections My Contracts subsection Products.
  • When concluding an agreement, it is possible to attach a completed acceptance report based on the mutual agreement with the previous user and include the meter readings, which were taken at the time, when the object was taken over. You can attach the completed acceptance report by logging into Elektrum portal and concluding electronic agreement.
  • If you take over the service and consumption payment provided at the object, please use the application form below. You can send the completed application form to
  • If you want to switch over from another electricity trader, choose a product suitable for you in the section Products, sign the agreement electronically and become a customer of Elektrum!
  • If you want to sign an agreement for an address, where there was no electricity before (for example, when building a new house), you can do this after the electricity network connection has been established by AS Sadales tīkls. You can apply for a new electricity connection here.

Answers to the other questions you can find here.

If you still have otherquestions, please contact us in the way most convenient for you.

General Provisions to the Agreement (in Latvian) – valid from 1 March 2018. 

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