Systematic applications

Please visit Sadales tīkls AS portal, if you want to submit a new application for:

  1. Connections:
  • a new connection (incl. a reserve connection) and/or finding out service costs before purchasing real property;
  • load changes: reducing load, increasing load or merging several meters;
  • a temporary connection;
  • connection without a meter;
  • cancellation of a connection implementation.

2. Tariffs and other technical services:

  • scheduled technical work: relocation of an energy supply for object, such as a meter or switchgear, or replacement of a feeder cable;
  • application for restoration of seal;
  • application for a meter check;
  • application for compensation of losses;
  • temporary suspension of electricity supply;
  • tariff change.

Please use the application forms available from Sadales tīkls AS or apply for services in an easy way by logging into the customer portal and filling in the needed form online.