Mandatory procurement and capacity components

Based on the government decision, new mandatory and capacity procurement components enter into force from 1 July 2018. From that day onwards, the capacity component, which forms part of the mandatory procurement components (MPC), will be lower for all end users of electricity, regardless of the type of connection.

The total payment for the MPC for all electricity consumers will consist of two parts, where one will be fixed (the capacity component) and the other will vary in proportion to electricity consumption.

For example, for a household with a single phase connection, the monthly capacity component will amount to 0.876 EUR (including VAT), and for a household with a three phase connection and requested capacity 16 A it will be 2.262 EUR (VAT included).

The variable part (the mandatory procurement component) will be formed in proportion to consumed electricity - 0.0177 EUR/kWh (VAT included).

Thus, the total payment, for example, for a household with a single phase connection and electricity consumption 90 kWh per month will equal 90 x 0.0177 + 0.876 = 2.47 EUR (VAT included).

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You can calculate the impact of new MPC on your utility costs by using a calculator available on the website of Enerģijas publiskais tirgotājs AS:

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