Select the product that is most suitable for you, depending on your electricity consumption. Calculate the amount of your monthly payment and conclude an agreement!
The calculation is made, based on the distribution services fee for households with single-phase connection (tariff S1).

What is my consumption?


Elektrum Izdevīgais 600+

Favourable price for 1 kWh, if your electricity consumption exceeds 600 kWh per month.

Elektrum Izdevīgais 200+

If your electricity consumption is 200-600 kWh per month, Elektrum Izdevīgais 200+ is the right choice for you.

Elektrum Ekonomiskais

If you want to minimize electricity cost and you are an active internet user, Elektrum Ekonomiskais is the right choice for you.

Elektrum Universālais

If your average electricity consumption does not exceed 200 kWh per month, and you like things to be simple and predictable, Elektrum Universālais is the right choice for you.

Elektrum Dinamiskais

If you want to pay for electricity in accordance with the price at the electricity exchange, Elektrum Dinamiskais is for you!

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