Elektrum Izdevīgais 600+ Apdrošināts

  • Product with Elektrum Apdrošināts
  • Favourable price if monthly consumption exceeds 600 kWh
  • Constant price for 24 months
  • Lower price for 1 kWh by combining all objects into one agreement
  • Payments by Balanced payment

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Product description

If you choose this product with Elektrum Apdrošināts, your electrical appliances will be insured against damage caused by power supply disruptions. Also you will get assistance in elimination of wiring defects. You can choose your product with Elektrum Apdrošināts for additional fee of 1.00 EUR per month! Find out more about Elektrum Apdrošināts!

Favourable price for 1 kWh for larger consumption. If your electricity consumption exceeds 600 kWh per month, Elektrum Izdevīgais 600+ Apdrošināts is the right choice for you.

For this product, the monthly fee is being applied – one of the electricity price components. The fixed monthly fee allows lowering the price for 1 kWh with the increase in electricity consumption. Monthly fee does not depend on the number of objects contained in the agreement, so it is recommended to combine multiple objects into one agreement. As a result, the higher your consumption is, the lower the price for one kWh is offered.

You can choose the method of payment – Balanced payment, invoices by e-mail or by post (fee for sending a paper invoice – 1.00 EUR) on a monthly basis. You may choose to receive the amount of your monthly invoice via SMS to your mobile phone. In this case, you will not receive your invoice via mail or e-mail. Instead, it will be available on www.elektrum.lv.

In order to receive the bill you will need to submit the readings from the 27th till the 3rd day of each month. After submitting readings online you will be able to make a payment immediately. 


Your monthly electricity payment is made up of the cost of electricity, Mandatory Procurement Components, transfer and distribution costs and VAT. Learn more about electricity price components here

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Electricity price Unit price
Electricity price, day (2 time zones) 0.05867 EUR/kWh
Electricity price, night (2 times zones) 0.03959 EUR/kWh
Monthly fee 3.99 EUR per month
Termination fee 40.00 EUR
Mandatory Procurement Components Unit price
Mandatory Procurement Components 0.01770 EUR/kWh
Capacity component (3 phases, up to 16A) 3.13490 EUR per month
Electricity transfer costs Unit price
Electricity distribution costs during the day 0.06217 EUR/kWh
Electricity distribution costs during the night 0.04009 EUR/kWh
The payment for the provision with a connection (tariff S3, up to 16A) 3.8720 EUR per month


Termination penalty 40.00 EUR
Late payment penalty for each delay date 0.15%
Payment date End of month

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