Elektrum Dinamiskais

  • Variable price each month in accordance with the price at the electricity exchange
  • Possibility to choose an alternative proposal without paying agreement termination fee
  • Payments by e-invoice or invoice

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Product description

Elektrum Dinamiskais – electricity at the market price! If you choose this product, the price per kilowatt-hour will be fixed by the previous month's hourly price in Latvian region set by the Nord Pool exchange. If the price at the exchange falls, your monthly payment will be lower – and vice versa.

In the section “Price adjustment schedule” you can find weighted average electricity prices for the last 12 months. If you choose Elektrum Dinamiskais, a fee for commercial services will be added to your payment and reviewed no more than three times in a calendar year. If this fee is changed, you will be notified of such changes 30 days in advance. You can choose to receive monthly invoice by e-mail or by post (fee for sending a paper invoice – 0.50 EUR).

You will need to submit the readings from the 27th till 3rd day of each month in order to receive the invoice. You may choose to receive the amount of your monthly invoice via SMS to your mobile phone. In this case, you will not receive your invoice via mail or e-mail. Instead, it will be available on www.elektrum.lv. You will be able to choose another electricity product at any time without paying agreement termination fee.


Payment for Elektrum Dinamiskais is calculated based on NP LV price in previous 12 months and AS "Sadales tīkls" coefficients and does not guarantee the same price for future.

Your monthly electricity payment is made up of multiple components: the cost of electricity, Mandatory Procurement Components, transfer and distribution costs and VAT. Learn more about electricity price components here

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Electricity price Unit price
NP LV average weighted price for 12 months (with AS "Sadales tīkls" coefficients) 0.04550 EUR/kWh
Trade comission (for consumption 0-599 kWh) 0.00564 EUR/kWh
Trade comission (for consumption 600-999 kWh) 0.00508 EUR/kWh
Trade comission (for consumption from 1000 kWh) 0.00472 EUR/kWh
Mandatory Procurement Components Unit price
Mandatory Procurement Components 0.03242 EUR/kWh
Electricity transfer costs Unit price
The payment for electricity supply 0.05334 EUR/kWh
The payment for the provision with a connection (tariff S1) 1.50040 EUR per month
The payment for the provision with a connection (tariff S2, up to 16A) 3.8720 EUR per month
The payment for the provision with a connection (tariff S3, up to 16A) 3.8720 EUR per month


Late payment penalty for each delay date 0.15%
Payment date End of month

Price fluctuation graph

Chart type

What price is shown on the invoice? 

The calculation of the electricity price is based on the electricity price on the exchange at the particular hour and the customer’s electricity consumption during that period – and so 24 hours a day, throughout the month. The Nord Pool Spot exchange prices are available on the exchange website, where you should select the LV bidding area. 

The invoice reflects the weighted average price, which depends on your meter. 

This is a variable value; therefore, we calculate the weighted average electricity price for the previous month at the beginning of each month.  Within the last 12 months the weighted average price was for 4.18% above the average NPS price. 

1. If you have a meter which does not record your hourly consumption 

Your electricity consumption per hour is recorded by the distribution system operator. Most Latvian households are not equipped with electricity meters with an automatic reading system, so their hourly consumption is unknown. In this situation, the standard hourly electricity consumption distribution in percentage (the typical load graph) provided by Sadales tīkls AS is applied in order to calculate the hourly consumption: the hourly consumption is determined by multiplying the monthly consumption by that percentage. 

2. If you have a meter which records your hourly consumption

If you have a meter which tracks your hourly consumption, the weighted average price will be calculated according to your actual consumption. In this case, the weighted average price per kilowatt-hour will be different for each customer, as the calculation is based on the individual consumption.

How do you calculate the weighted average Nord Pool Spot exchange price?

You can calculate the weighted average NPS exchange price per kilowatt-hour as follows: 

1. Calculate the sum of products of the hourly price on the Nord Pool Spot exchange for the previous month and the hourly consumption.

The hourly prices on the NPS exchange for the Latvia bidding area are available here (remember to select the LV bidding area). Please note that the Latvian time zone has a one hour offset from the information on the hourly prices available on the Nord Pool Spot website; therefore, the last Nord Pool Spot price of each preceding month should be applied to the consumption of the first hour of the month. This means that the last price of the month that can be seen on the Nord Pool Spot website will always be used for the next month’s calculation. You already know your hourly consumption. The calculation does not take account of the transferred public holidays.

2. Divide the obtained sum by the total consumption in the month.

! Keep in mind that the prices on the NPS exchange are specified per megawatt-hour (1 MWh = 1000 kWh) and without VAT. For example, if the hourly exchange price is 40.43 EUR/MWh, a conversion to kilowatt-hours will yield 0.04043 EUR/kWh. 

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