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Questions about Elektrum products

Why are multiple products needed on the market, and why does their price differ?

The price difference between various products is a market advantage: everyone can choose the most suitable product for them. Upon the opening of the market, you will be able to choose the most favorable offer and payment method for you.

If your consumption is up to200 kWh/month, Elektrum Ekonomiskais will be suitable for you (price, ease of payments, predictable expenses, as a fixed amount is paid each month).

If your consumption exceeds 200 kWh/month, Elektrum Izdevīgais 200+ and Izdevīgais 600+ may be the most suitable. These ensure a lower price per kWh as the electricity consumption increases.

If you actively follow the news and are able to flexibly adapt to changes by paying a variable price for electricity based on the electricity exchange, Elektrum Dinamiskais may be the best for you, as the price depends on the situation in the Nord Pool Spot exchange. 

Elektrum products include the market advantage: with the household’s consumption increasing, the price per kWh consumed declines. More details about Elektrum products are available on

How often can the trader be changed?

There are no restrictions for market participants on the frequency of switching traders, however it is important to note the terms of the electricity trade contract regarding early termination. The Elektrum product range include both products which have a fee for early termination, and ones without a fee, for example, Elektum Universālais, Elektum Klasiskais and Elektum Dinamiskais.

Please remember that to conclude the contract from the first date of month, the trader must be notified before the 15th day of the preceding month.

What is the maximum period of an electricity trade contract?

The contracts have an indefinite duration, and with each customer we agree on a specific price and terms for a specific period: for example, for the products Elektrum Universālais and Elektrum Klasiskais, the terms of the offer are in force for 12 months, and for Elektrum Izdevīgais 200+, Elektrum Izdevīgais 600+ and Elektrum Ekonomiskais – 24 months. 

An exception is the product Elektrum Dinamiskais, which has an indefinite duration, but we reserve the right to revise the trade service fee. A termless trade period is offered for Elektrum Dinamiskais because the electricity price of this product is linked with the exchange, and each month you pay in accordance with the actual electricity price on the exchange.

I have several electricity supply contracts. Do I have to select a separate product for each?

You may select the most suitable product for each contract, however it is also possible to combine all contracts into one. In that way you will obtain a greater monthly consumption amount and a better price. If you wish to combine your contracts, please turn to our customer service or do it on the portal by making the product selection and initiating the conclusion of the contract. You only have to specify which of your locations you wish to include in a single contract.

Why is a contract termination fee applied?

Electricity products with or without contract termination fees are available. In order to offer you a lower-priced product, contract terms are established to strengthen mutual cooperation. In the electricity market, we guarantee electricity supply for a fixed price over a certain period, while you undertake to purchase electricity from us in that period.

If you terminate the contract during its period of validity, losses are caused to us. Due to the risk of contract termination, a termination fee is applied. It is a widely used practice in the world, applied in various industries and to various products. Such a practice exists, for example, in the telecommunications industry, and customers take it into account when commencing cooperation. 

You are able to choose whether to undertake these obligations or not, as two products are available without a termination fee: 

  • Elektrum Universālais, which envisage fixed electricity price for 1 year, during which you may freely select a different Elektrum product or a different electricity trader.
  • Elektrum Dinamiskais, which envisages a variable price. You can, through Elektrum, purchase electricity at the exchange price of the specific month, therefore undertaking the risk of price fluctuations and paying to us only the commission fee for the trade service.

What will happen after the expiration of the contract? Will I have to make the selection again?

Yes, when your contract is about to expire, you will be able to review the current traders’ offers and again select the one most suitable to you. We will send you information about the current offers and offer to continue the cooperation.

How do I choose the most suitable electricity product for me?

  1. Select a monthly price suited to you: fixed or variable.
  2. If you select a fixed-price product, find the most suitable product for your consumption. 
  3. If you are willing to follow the electricity exchange for the monthly price, Elektrum Dinamiskais will be more suitable to you. 

You can get acquainted with the product selection algorithm here.

If my consumption is 200 kWh per month, can I select the product Elektrum izdevīgais 200+?

Yes, most likely it will be the most suitable product for you. At the same time, we recommend using the product calculator, which will help you select one of our Elektrum products. After entering a specific consumption amount, the calculator will display your monthly expenses for various Elektrum products. You just have to compare and select the best one for you.

I have selected the product Elektrum Universālais, but in the summer my monthly consumption is only 150 kWh. Are there any penalties if I do not consume more? Because I have heard in advertisements that Elektrum Universālais is intended for users consumin

No, your payment will be calculated in accordance with the consumption. In the case of the Elektrum Universālais product, the monthly balanced payment will be calculated in accordance with your average monthly consumption. However, if the consumption changes, the balanced payment amount will be correspondingly recalculated, also taking into account the payments made by you. If you have overpaid, or, conversely, if you have consumed more electricity than before, the difference will be evenly balanced for future payments.

In which cases is it useful to select the two time zone meter?

The benefit of two time zone metering is achieved only if a significant part of the electricity consumption takes place at nights from 23:00 to 7:00 or on weekends.

If the proportion of the consumption is at least 50:50, or, even better, if the proportion in the night hours and during weekends is greater, only then is it useful to select two time zone metering.

If you are among the people who leave the home before 7:00 in the morning and return late in the evening and spend weekends at home, this could be a good solution, as during the so-called peak hours, when electricity is in very high demand and is correspondingly expensive, you will not be consuming it or the consumption will be low. However, it is not the case for most people, as even a proportion of 50:50 is very difficult to achieve.

Use our 2-zone calculator to see if this type of metering is suitable for your household.

There are meters available with two time zone modes. Can I apply for such a meter? Will they be free of charge?

The meter can be switched to two-zone metering by submitting an application to your trader, which will forward the information to Sadales tīkls AS. It is a free service. Of course, you should check in advance if you spend most electricity during the night and weekends, because otherwise two-zone metering will not be beneficial for you. Use our 2-zone calculator to see if this type of metering is suitable for your household.

Is it possible to install a separate meter in a building if previously multiple buildings have had a single meter? Each family wishes to select the most suitable offer for them.

In this case, the family must submit an application for the establishment of a new connection to our customer service. The system operator Sadales tīkls AS will assess the technical possibilities of establishing a connection in your home and prepare a cost estimate.

I have a property where I stay only in the summer, and it has low electricity consumption. Do I will have to select one of the market products for it?

Yes, in any case everyone has to choose their trader and market product. If you have not made a choice, electricity will be sold to you by the previous trader as part of the Universal service.

If your electricity consumption is low and seasonal, it is recommended to select the product Elektrum Universālais with the balanced payment. Upon receiving information about the monthly balanced payment amount, it may be convenient for you to combine payments for several months into one, thereby saving on the commission fee. You will also not have to submit meter readings.

If you have multiple contracts for your properties, for example, a summer house, garage and apartment, you may combine all your locations into a single contract. That way, the total monthly consumption will be greater, and you will be able to select a product that offers a better price with greater consumption. One of the fundamental market principles will apply in that case: the more you consume, the lower the price per kWh. In order to combine sites, please contact our customer service by calling 80200400 or e-mailing It is very easy and convenient to do it on your own on the portal, by selecting the product and initiating the conclusion of the contract. You only have to specify which of your sites you wish to include in a single contract.

Our building has three apartments, but only a single meter. What should we do?

Under the market conditions, the contractual relations will not change: the contract is concluded with one of the electricity users. Like any customer, you will be able to freely choose the electricity product offer and trader most suitable to you.

Questions about payment

Is it possible to combine several contracts into one in order to get a better offer? For example, to combine parents’ and siblings’ contracts into one?

Of course, this is one possibility to achieve a more favorable offer in terms of price. It is even possible to combine an entire apartment building in a single contract. We will combine the contracts, and you will be able to select the most favorable Elektrum offer, for example, Elektrum Izdevīgais 600+. You must understand, however, that the person who undertakes all the payments also undertakes the responsibility for the friends or family members who might, for example, to stop paying at a certain time.

How should payments for electricity be made?

The total payment for electricity consists of several components: the payment for electricity and its trade, the payment for system services (electricity supply), the mandatory procurement component, as well as VAT. For your convenience, all of these payments will be combined into a single bill or payment.

We offer two payment options for you:

  1. The balanced payment. It envisages paying a fixed amount each month, calculated based on your average consumption. If your consumption changes, the balanced payment amount is recalculated. This is the simplest and easiest payment type.
  2. If you wish to make payments in accordance with the actual consumption, receiving a bill will be more suitable. In that case, by the third day of each month you must read and submit your meter readings on the portal, and we will create a corresponding bill. The meter readings must be reported even if you have not consumed electricity during the month or have paid in advance. If the readings are not received, a bill will be generated based on your average consumption. The bill, by your choice, may be received electronically or by post. A fee of EUR 0.50 will be applied to paper bills sent by post.

Upon entering the meter readings on the portal, at the same place it will be possible to create an instant bill and pay it. Meter readings can also be submitted with a text message or by phone.

Why is the balanced payment mandatory for Elektrum Universālais?

The balanced payment is a convenient and simple payment method particularly suitable to customers with relatively low consumption – it is not necessary to submit meter readings, the payments are easy to plan and control. 

However, if you wish to make payments in accordance with the actual consumption, it is possible to select Elektrum products offering that payment method. If the terms of the Elektrum Universālais prodct are suitable for you, but you do not wish to make balanced payments, select the product Elektrum Klasiskais. Its price terms are the same, but the payment method is a bill. However, remember that if the bill option is selected, the electricity meter readings must be submitted each month. If it is not done, the bill will be issued in accordance with the historical monthly average consumption. If you wish to receive the bill by post, it entails an additional fee of EUR 0.50.  

Will I have to follow myself when to pay for my selected product? Will you send a text message?

The first payment in accordance with the new product and procedure must be made in February (for the electricity consumed in January).

Upon selecting and confirming a product on the portal, you have an opportunity to apply for a reminder SMS regarding the payment. The text message fee is EUR 0.06. In the case of the balanced payment, you will know your monthly amount payable in advance, as it will be specified in the received offer.

If you choose to pay a bill, you will have to submit meter readings to us by the third day of each month, and we will accordingly calculate the bill and send it to you.

What is the monthly fee?

The monthly fee is the electricity price component for the products Elektrum Izdevīgais 200+ and Elektrum Izdevīgais 600+, which together with the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) form the total price of electricity. Such a price structure ensures that the total actual costs per kWh consumed change depending on the amount of electricity consumed: the greater the consumption, the lower the actual cost per kWh.

Where can I see the tariff – total price per kilowatt hour for various electricity products?

On the portal you can see the prices of each electricity payment component individually.

Unlike the previous practice, where you paid in accordance with a single common tariff, under the free market conditions each price component is separate. As an electricity trader, we establish and agree with you in our contract on only one of those components: the payment for electricity. As for some products the electricity price is formed by the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) and the monthly fee, the overall cost per kWh will change depending on the amount of kWh consumed.

The other price components (payment for system services, the mandatory procurement component, VAT) remain regulated and are confirmed by the Public Utilities Commission. The prices of the other services are presented for your knowledge, but we cannot guarantee they will remain unchanged during the period of the contract.

Taking all that into consideration, it is obvious that the total price per kWh cannot be indicated, because it depends on the specific consumption.

To easily select the most suitable product for you, use the calculator on our portal There you can see the expenses of each offered product based on your specific consumption.

Can I pay in advance?

Yes, of course you can! You can pay in advance as much as you want. The overpaid amount will cover future payments. 

You will be able to see the balance of your advance payment on the portal

How can I follow up my advance payments per month? How is the overpaid amount consumed?

You can see the overpaid amount and the payments for your contract for the last 12 months on the portal under the section Payments

If your form of settlement is a bill, also in the case of overpayment you will continue receiving bills every month. In case of overpayment, the amount of the bill will be covered from the overpaid amount, therefore the payable amount in the bill will equal 0.00 EUR. 

What should I do if I do not consume electricity for a longer period of time?

If your form of settlement is a bill, you have to report the meter reading to us every month also if you do not consume any electricity. If the new reading will be the same as the reading of the preceding month, we will know that you do not consume electricity and we will issue a bill with the payable amount equal to 0.00 EUR. 

If your form of settlement is a balanced payment, you should change the amount of the balanced payment to 0.00 EUR if you expect that you will not consume any electricity for at least one year. This can be conveniently done on the portal under the section Contract

If your consumption is uneven during a year, the amount of the Balanced payment does not need to be changed. For example, if you have a summer cottage where you only live in summer and do not consume any electricity in winter. These seasonal fluctuations will be reflected in your Balanced payment and the annual consumption will be evenly distributed over 12 months. 

Questions about meter readings

I have a smart meter. Do I have to report meter readings?

If you have a smart meter you do not have to report meter readings. We will automatically receive the data of your consumption. 

In what way should meter readings be reported if my meter was changed?

When an installer replaces a meter at your address, he records the meter reading. Therefore, when you report meter readings, you have to report the reading of the new meter. According to the data of the old and the new meter we will calculate the total monthly consumption and issue your bill.

What will happen if I do not report the meter reading at the set term?

In this case we will issue the current bill based on the mean electricity consumption at the particular address.

You should remember that you also have to report the meter reading if you have made advance payments. If we do not receive your meter reading we will issue the bill based on the mean consumption which may differ from your actual consumption in the particular month.


What can I do on

The self-service portal is designed to allow you to conveniently manage all your electricity matters. Upon authentication on the portal, you can:

  • submit meter readings;
  • view bills and perform payments;
  • view a report of electricity consumption and payments performed;
  • apply for or change services, for example, apply for Balanced Payments or change the electricity consumption forecast; change the payment method or bill delivery method; apply to receive reminder text messages or e-mails about the monthly payment;  
  • conclude a new agreement;
  • apply for a new connection and follow its progress;
  • supplement or update contact information; etc.

How do I authenticate on the portal?

You can authenticate on the portal by using the method most convenient for you:

  • Register as a new user, indicating the personal data and the agreement number;
  • Use authentication with an internet bank;
  • Use authentication with an eID card

What is the eID card and how do I use it for authentication?

The eID card (electronic identification card) is an identity document that confirms the holder’s identity and legal status. The eID card is issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. To use the card, your computer must be equipped with an eID card reader.

Find out more about the eID card here!

How do I pay for electricity?

Authenticate on the portal and in the Payments section select the agreement for which you wish to make the payment. In case of the balanced payment, your monthly payment amount will be indicated. In other cases, enter the meter readings and calculate the payment amount.

Can I pay for another person's contract?

Yes, you can. You can make a payment from the portal's section Payments choosing an option Pay another person's bill.

How do I conclude an agreement?

If you wish to conclude a new contract, please call our Customer Service on 80 200 400 or fill the application form.

Can I switch the selected electricity product to a different one?

If you wish to change your existing Elektrum product to a different one, authenticate on the portal, select the most suitable product in the Products section and conclude a new agreement. Please note: you contract number will be different. It is important to take into account if you have ordered an Automatical Bill Payment service in you bank. If so, please inform the bank about the new contract number.

If you would like to change your product and do not want to change your contract number, please contact our Clients Service

How do I apply to receive e-bills?

If you are currently receiving bills by post, it is easy to apply to receive them by e-mail. If you already have an agreement concluded for an Elektrum product, select that agreement in the section Contracts and make necessary changes - change you bill delivery method and enter an email address you would like to receive your bills to. 

Can I allow another person to access my agreement data and pay bills?

If you wish to allow your family or other users to view your agreement data and perform payments for electricity, you can create additional users. After authentication on the portal, in the section Client information create additional users.

Additional users have rights to perform payments, as well as submit meter readings, submit applications or apply for services. 

I have registered on for two agreements: as the main user and as an additional user. How will I be able to see the other agreement?

If you have registered for two agreements, upon authentication on you will be able to switch between agreements in the header menu.

Is it possible to terminate an agreement on

Yes, it is possible. Complete an application on and submit it electronically.

Where can I get acquainted with the conditions of an agreement concluded on

You can view the conditions of a concluded agreement by authenticating on the portal and selecting the subsection Contracts. If you have several agreements, select the relevant one.


How do I apply to Payment amount reminder?

You can apply to Payment amount reminder if you have a Balanced Payment in your contract.

To do this, please go to the Contracts section and in the Payments and contacts tab press the link Apply to a reminder. You will be offered to choose how you would liketo receive the reminder - via SMS or to your email. If needed, please update your contact information. 

Questions about the electricity market

What is the electricity market?

The electricity market is the purchasing and selling of electricity at an unregulated price, with the electricity user freely selecting an independent electricity trader. Like in any market, you as a household may purchase electricity from the trader whose price and services are the most favorable to you, by concluding a contract for a specific period. The physical supply of electricity to all users will continue to be ensured by a single transmission operator – Sadales tīkls AS.

The opening of the electricity market in Latvia is being carried out in a gradual and focused manner. In accordance with the European Commission (EC) policy, Latvia must open the electricity market completely and join the countries that have already opened the market and given all customers an opportunity to purchase electricity under competitive conditions.

How is the customer service maintained in open market conditions?

Customer service is provided by your selected trader. Under the Latvian household market model, the traderl concludes a single contract with you, issue a single bill for the consumed electricity and its supply, and provide you with all necessary information.

Electricity supply issues are addressed by the trader in collaboration with the distribution system operator Sadales tīkls AS, which ensures the metering of electricity consumption, repair of damages, connection services, and the maintenance of the power supply network.

Do residents of apartment buildings have to select one and the same electricity trader?

It depends on how the residents have chosen to provide themselves with electricity. If each apartment has an electricity meter owned by Sadales tīkls AS and payments have been made individually, then each resident may select whichever electricity trader they prefer.

If the building has shared electricity metering or the contract for the electricity supply of the entire building has been concluded by the manager or a residents’ association, then all residents will have the same electricity trader, to be selected by the manager or the residents’ association. 

Will new wires be installed for the building upon selecting a different electricity trader?

No, electricity will be supplied via the same wires regardless of the trader you select. It can be compared to transport services: the delivery companies and goods transported may differ, but the roads used to transport them are the same. There is no competition in the network system, as it is impossible for each producer to establish their own network. Because of that, the entire country has a single transmission and distribution network system, equally available to all traders.

Does Elektrum take care of customers in the case of transmission network damage?

The unified trader central customer service model envisages that you interacts with your trader. That is, you do not have to worry about whether a particular matter is under the responsibility of this or that authority. There are some matters, however, that remain under the communication of Sadales tīkls AS (hereinafter referred as the ST) – that is, the registration of damages, in order to ensure that they are reported and repaired as quickly as possible. Like before, a separate phone line for registration of damages will be operating. All other matters, such as new connections, questions about metering, etc., are the responsibility of the electricity trader. Each trader will address them together with the ST. Of course, we have much greater experience and expertise in these matters, and the cooperation will be a challenge to the new traders.

How does the electricity price differ in Latvia and other European countries?

When looking at the European context, the residents of Latvia pay less for electricity than consumers in the EU states on average. Households in Germany and Denmark pay twice as much as in Latvia. Households in Ireland, Belgium and Austria also pay more than the average in the EU and in Latvia. However, it must be remembered that each country has different components forming the electricity end price: delivery services, taxes, support payments, etc. For example, the electricity price in France is lower than in Latvia, because each trader is ensured the right to purchase electricity with equal conditions from local nuclear power plant operators, and the price of electricity produced in nuclear power plants is among the lowest possible. In Finland, households pay less for electricity, however Finland purchases electricity in the Nordic electricity market, which historically is the region of the lowest prices in Europe. Latvia, by fully opening the electricity market, as well as by establishing new interconnections with the Nordic countries, already in 2016 will be able to join this low-price region and purchase electricity at a lower price.

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