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Elektrum_ApdrosinatsDid you know - damages to your electrical appliances, such as TV set, computer, fridge, washing machine or dishwasher, as well as water heater or boiler, and security, fire safety and alarm systems, may be caused by unscheduled surges, lightning, current fluctuations or power failure. No one is protected against such situations. However, you can be insured against them!

Choose Elektrum products with Elektrum Insured and prevent damages to your electrical appliances caused by power supply interruptions!

What will you get?

  • Assistance in or compensation for the elimination of defects to electrical appliances caused by power supply interruptions;
  • specialist consultations at a time of your convenience;
  • repairs and transportation of the damaged appliances to/from the service centre;
  • assistance in document preparation for claiming compensation in the event of damages.

What can cause power supply interruptions? 

  • Unscheduled surcharge of the internal networks; 
  • Surcharge of the external networks, e. g., due to rupture of power lines by falling trees during a storm; 
  • Repair works error; 
  • Acts of abuse, such as breaking the transformer;
  • Natural disasters (lightning, wind, flood).

Additional assistance with Elektrum Insured

Also our household members — children, parents and even pets — may suffer due to damaged electrical wiring. Damaged and sparking sockets or light switches may lead to electrical injuries and even fire. Choose your Elektrum product with Elektrum Apdrošināts, and get specialist help for the elimination of various wiring defects at home!

How to get a product with Elektrum Insured?

By paying an additional EUR 1 per month, you can choose the most suitable electricity product with Elektrum Insured.


Terms and conditions of the insurance service


Elektrum Apdrošināts–friendly safety

  • Compensation in the event of damages to appliances caused by power supply interruptions
  • Professional assistance in the elimination of wiring defects
  • Convenient application for compensation: just one call
  • A friendly service throughout Latvia 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If aninsured event has accurred


Compensation possibilities in case of appliance damage or breakdown


Conditions of Elektrum apdrošināts 

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