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Questions about Elektrum Apdrošināts

How can I get a product with Elektrum Apdrošināts?

Choose your product with Elektrum Apdrošināts, performing authorisation on the customer self-service portal:

How electricity products with Elektrum Apdrošināts differ?

If you choose a product with Elektrum Apdrošināts, we will offer additional services for elimination of damage to electrical appliances caused by power supply disruptions, as well as assistance of electrical specialist in elimination of various wiring defects at your home.

What my electrical appliances are insured against?

Your electrical appliances are insured against damage in case of unscheduled power supply disruptions. These are, for example:

  • unscheduled surcharge of internal networks; 
  • Surcharge of external networks, e. g., due to rupture of power lines by falling trees during a storm; 
  • power supply disruptions due to repair works error; 
  • Acts of abuse, such as breaking the transformer;
  • natural disasters, for example, flood, lightning, storm. 

What my electrical appliances are not insured against?

Your appliances are not insured against electronic damage, resulting from, for example, natural depreciation of appliance, manufacturing defects or external physical defects, as well as if the appliance has been exploited not in accordance with its purpose for use.

Can I apply for assistance of electrical specialist, if I want to install new cables during repairing works?

Within the framework of Elektrum Apdrošināts assistance, electrical specialist eliminates sudden damage of wiring, which may be dangerous for the house or its residents, for example, sparkling or smoking sockets, electricity loss in any room of the building, or hot cables. The insurance coverage does not include regular maintenance or replacement of worn out wiring.

Can I claim compensation also in case of burned out bulbs and fuses?

Compensation of damage to bulbs, lamps, fuses or measuring devices caused by power supply disruptions is not included in the insurance.

What is determination of defects?

Determination of defects of appliance means diagnostics of appliance with a purpose to determine, whether damage has occurred due to power supply disruptions.  Determination of defects is intended for the customer to understand what has happened, and for the Insurer to assess, whether the insured risk has occurred.

When the insurance comes into force?

Your electrical appliances will be insured from the moment, when the agreement on your chosen Elektrum product with Elektrum Apdrošināts will come into effect.

For how long the insurance will be effective?

The insurance will be effective as long as the agreement on Elektrum product with Elektrum Apdrošināts will be in force.

How can I check, whether I am insured?

The information on insurance is available in your electricity supply agreement, as well as in the section “My Agreements” in the authorized part of website.

Can I claim compensation repeatedly in the case of repeated damage?

Yes, the compensation for damage of electrical appliances can be claimed repeatedly – you have a compensation limit of 1,000 EUR, which is not limited in terms of number of compensation events. If electrical wiring is damaged repeatedly, you can use the repair option up to 2 times per year (compensation limit per one event is 150 EUR).

Will I have to pay for repair works?

The risk for own account for elimination of damage of electrical appliances is determined in the amount of 50 EUR, which you will have to cover in case of insurance event. AAS “Balta” will cover the repair costs exceeding the amount of risk for own account. The risk for own account is not applied to damages of electrical wiring.

Who will perform repair of damaged electrical appliance?

You can choose the type of repair – if you will give the damaged electrical appliance to our electrical specialist, we will repair your appliance , deliver and install it or a new electrical appliance. You can also deliver the damaged electrical appliance to the service centre yourself, pay for the repair and claim compensation from AAS “Balta”. The risk for own account in the amount of 50 EUR has to be paid in both cases – in the first case you will pay it before the service centre has started to repair the appliance, whereas in the second case we will reduce the repayable amount by the amount of risk for own account (i.e. we will deduct 50 EUR from the repair costs and transfer the remaining sum).

Where can I call to claim compensation?

Please, call the twenty-four hours compensation claims number: 6 75 333 75.

Which organization provides the insurance service?

The provider of the insurance service is AAS “Balta”.

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