Elektrum Smart House

Large part of our daily electricity consumption is comprised by appliances that are not switched off or operate in standby mode – they continue to fulfill the intrusted duty even when you are not at home. But now you can manage them smartly –switch on, switch off and adjust operating mode also when being away from home.

Viedā māja shēma

Elektrum Smart House is comfort, control and possibility to save by using modern technologies smartly. From now on you can manage your electric facilities remotely via your smartphone, at any place and any time you want –switch electric appliances on and off, monitor their electricity consumption, and to adjust the room temperature.

Your benefits of using Elektrum Smart House

  • Comfort: switching off a night lamp in your child's room, so that the child doesn't wake up, is mission impossible – if you have the same thoughts, you will appreciate benefits offered by Elektrum Smart House. Switch on, switch off and adjust electric appliances remotely – without being in the room or getting up from your chair. 
  • Safety: if you tend to leave home thinking, whether the iron is disconnected from power supply, Elektrum Smart House will ensure your peace of mind. Switch off electric appliances connected to smart sockets while being outside the house. 
  • Saving/ Energy efficiency: to save during the heating season, we recommend reducing room temperature before leaving home. If you don't like to return to a cold, chilly house, Elektrum Smart house offers a solution, because you will be able to adjust the temperature back to comfort level before returning home. 

You can choose the smart device type and amount according to your needs.

All device prices are indicated with VAT. Monthly fee is calculated for payment period of 36 months.

Elektrum Smart House base station

Bāzes stacija2.75

Base station is the main element of Elektrum Smart House system. This station ensures communication between devices of Elektrum Smart House and makes them available online. 

Installation of the base station is fast and easy, so you can do it yourself. Moving of furniture or installation of additional cables is not necessary. Usually, one base station is necessary for a home. Reception range – up to 30 m.

It can manage unlimited number of Elektrum Smart house appliances.

Elektrum Smart House temperature sensor

Temperatūras sensors1.39

This temperature sensor is small and inconspicuous, as well as incredibly accurate. The temperature is measured every 5 minutes with accuracy of 0.1 degree, which allows adjusting the air temperature according to your comfort requirements. The sensor has a built-in battery, which operates up to 6 months with one recharge. Each room needs a separate temperature sensor.

Elektrum Smart House heating regulator

Apkures regulators2.64

This heating regulator is connected to radiators without wires and allows to regulate the flow in radiators. This device communicates with the base station and controls room heating.

Elektrum Smart House socket


Elektrum Smart house socket gives an opportunity to connect electric appliances to Elektrum Smart House base station and manage them remotely. In addition, these sockets will provide easily viewable data about electricity consumption of appliances.

All Elektrum Smart house appliances have 2-year warranty.

To order and buy Elektrum Smart House appliances, please call us: 80 200 400. We will deliver the ordered products to the indicated address via courier – free of charge.

You will be able to manage your appliances via mobile application “Viedā māja”. This application is available free of charge on AppStore and GooglePlay.

Instructions for installation and use are included in the packaging of each appliance.

Installation of all appliances is quick and easy, you can do it yourself. 

In case you want to receive professional assistance, you will also have a chance to order installation of appliances. Installation of appliances is a paid service. To agree on installation and costs of appliances, please call: +371 22009966. 

Device warranty service is insured by: company “Istabai”, email address: info@istabai.com, phone number: +371 22009966, address: Ojāra Vācieša iela 6B, Rīga, LV-1004, Latvija

Frequently Asked Questions about Elektrum Smart House.

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