Elektrum Smart House

Imagine a house which is your friend and assistant in everyday life, taking care of you every moment without asking much in return.


It knows which climate to maintain at different times of the day. When you are at home, the rooms are nicely warm and when you are getting ready to sleep the bedroom becomes cool in a pleasant and healthy way. When you go to work, the smart house lowers the indoor temperature in accordance with your “Heating schedule” and thus helps you reduce your heating costs. This is not just a vision of the future. Your house can become just as smart!


Elektrum Smart house means convenience, comfort and possibility to save, using modern technology smartly. From now on, you can use your smartphone to manage your climate and electric facilities remotely at a place and time convenient for you: you can switch your electric appliances on and off, keep track of their electricity consumption and set the desired temperature indoors.



Does switching off a night lamp in your child’s room so that the child doesn’t wake up sound like mission impossible to you? Not anymore, thanks to the advantages offered by Elektrum Smart house! Switch on, switch off and adjust electric appliances remotely – without being in the room or getting up from your chair.



The room temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot gives you a nice feeling. Thanks to Elektrum Smart house, the temperature indoors will no longer be an issue. It will maintain a constant environment for you, without being affected by external factors (such as the sun shining in the window or a strong northern wind). Besides, you can set a different climate mode in each room: Elektrum Smart house will take care of all those who live in the house.


If you tend to leave home wondering whether the iron has been disconnected from power supply, Elektrum Smart house will give you peace of mind. Switch off electric appliances connected to smart sockets while being outside the house via a mobile app. From now on, your can go on the road stress-free. 

Saving/Energy efficiency


To save during the heating season, we recommend reducing room temperature before leaving home. If you don’t like to return to a cold, chilly house, Elektrum Smart house offers a solution how to be energy efficient, while maintaining your desired level of comfort. Set a daily schedule in the mobile app, and Elektrum Smart house will make sure that your house is warm and cozy when you enter the door.  

You may mix and match the range and number of Smart home appliances that suit your needs best. Apply for an offer, and we will help you find the kit of appliances that is just right for your needs:

Some examples of Elektrum Smart house kits


Heating kit for a 3-room apartment with adjustable radiators: starting from EUR 18.86 per month*. It will provide you with the desirable comfort temperature and will help you save on heating expenses.

*The cost of this kit is calculated assuming that the apartment has 4 rooms equipped with temperature sensors and 4 radiators with an installment payment period of 36 months. The price may vary if there are more rooms or radiators/heating devices.


Storage water heater kit: starting from EUR 4.83 per month. During the time when you are not at home, the storage water heater will stop heating the water to save electricity. As soon as you return, the water will be hot again and the daily life will continue as usual, the only difference being a smaller electricity bill.

Elektrum Smart House base station

Bāzes stacija_2.png2.75

Base station is the main element of Elektrum Smart House system. This station ensures communication between devices of Elektrum Smart House and makes them available online. 

Installation of the base station is fast and easy, so you can do it yourself. Moving of furniture or installation of additional cables is not necessary. Usually, one base station is necessary for a home. Reception range – up to 30 m.

It can manage unlimited number of Elektrum Smart house appliances.

Elektrum Smart House temperature sensor

VM temperaturas sensors.png1.39

This temperature sensor is small and inconspicuous, as well as incredibly accurate. The temperature is measured every 5 minutes with accuracy of 0.1 degree, which allows adjusting the air temperature according to your comfort requirements. The sensor has a built-in battery, which operates up to 6 months with one recharge. Each room needs a separate temperature sensor.

Elektrum Smart House wireless regulator

VM apkures regulators.png2.64

This wireless regulator is connected to radiators without wires and allows to regulate the flow in radiators. This device communicates with the base station and controls room heating.

Elektrum Smart House socket

VM rozete.png2.08

Elektrum Smart house socket gives an opportunity to connect electric appliances to Elektrum Smart House base station and manage them remotely. In addition, these sockets will provide easily viewable data about electricity consumption of appliances.

Elektrum Smart House boiler switch

VM katla slēdzis.png2_47_ENG.png

This device, supplied with a base station, will allow you to remotely control and regulate the operation of you heating boiler. 

Elektrum Smart House multi-switch 

VM multislēdzis.png3_14_ENG.png

The smart multi-switch allows you to connect and control up to 6 independent electrical devices or electrical circuits. This device makes it possible to remotely control, for example, a gate or garage door.

Elektrum Smart House regulator (wired)

VM web bildes120x120px_12.png0_72_ENG_.png

Radiators fitted with smart regulators allow you, together with a smart base station, to control heating in the room and help you reduce your heating costs. In order to operate, the smart heating regulator (wired) must be connected to the power grid.

Elektrum Smart House probe sensor

VM probes sensors.png2_19_ENG.png

The smart probe sensor is designed for installation and temperature measurement in a humid environment. For example, it can be used to measure the water temperature in a boiler or a swimming pool.

All Elektrum Smart house appliances have 2-year warranty.

To order and buy Elektrum Smart House appliances, please call us: 80 200 400. We will deliver the ordered products to the indicated address via courier – free of charge.

You will be able to manage your appliances via mobile application “Viedā māja”. This application is available free of charge on AppStore and GooglePlay.

Instructions for installation and use are included in the packaging of each appliance.

Installation of all appliances is quick and easy, you can do it yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Elektrum Smart House.

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