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Elektrum Smart house

Is it necessary to install any special wires or cables at home for installation of Elektrum Smart House system?

No. You just need electricity and internet connection for the base station, and there has to be a possibility to connect the base station with network cable to your internet router.

Is the Smart base station necessary for using other appliances?

Yes. The smart base station is necessary. It is the central appliance of Elektrum Smart House system, which helps to control other appliances.

How many Elektrum Smart House base stations do I need?

One base station is necessary for one dwelling. It can receive a signal in a 500 m2 area, whereas, if the dwelling area is larger, perceptibility can be increased by installing additional base stations.

How significant are potential savings for heating costs after installing Elektrum Smart House system?

It depends on each particular dwelling. From the experience of manufacturers – 10-30% can be saved during one season, which depends on your lifestyle and, of course, heat insulation.

Do I have to call a specialist for installing Elektrum Smart House system?

Specialist's assistance is not necessary for installation of basic appliances of Elektrum Smart House. The process is very simple. Also instructions for installation are included in the packaging of each appliance.

Where can I download the mobile application to manage Elektrum Smart House?

The application is available free of charge on: AppStore and GooglePlay

Elektrum Smart House system can be controlled also through the website

Can I control Elektrum Smart House system with one application for all rooms?

Yes, of course!

Can Elektrum Smart House system be controlled also from other, i.e., several mobile applications simultaneously?

Elektrum Smart House system can be controlled only by using the mobile application “Viedā māja”.

Can I use my Elektrum Smart House system without having internet connection?

No, regular internet connection is required for the system operation.

What happens if internet connection is interrupted?

The system will continue working, but you won't be able to see the current temperature or change settings. Until restoring of internet connection, the system will maintain the previously set default temperature.

What is the lowest temperature that can be set in the dwelling heating system?

10 degrees Celsius.

How will I receive ordered Elektrum Smart House appliances?

We will deliver your ordered appliances by courier. You won't have to pay for delivery.

How long does delivery of ordered Elektrum Smart House appliances take?

We will deliver your appliances within 5 working days from confirmation of your Order.

Can I receive my Elektrum Smart House appliances without using the courier service?

No, unfortunately, Elektrum Smart House appliances cannot be received on site at our Customer Service Centres.

How can I pay for ordered Elektrum Smart House appliances?

We will deliver an invoice together with appliances, which you have to pay. If you will have chosen acquisition of appliances by using hire purchase, we will include the monthly payment amount in your invoice for electricity.

Will the monthly payment be included in the amount of Balanced Payment?

No. If your chosen type of payment is Balanced Payment, we will make and send you a separate invoice for Elektrum Smart House appliances each month.

For what terms can I choose hire purchase?

We offer hire purchase for 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months.

How much will I overpay, if I choose hire purchase of Elektrum Smart House appliances?

You won't overpay. We offer hire purchase of appliances without additional charge.

What is the warranty period of Elektrum Smart House appliances?

The warranty period is 24 months from the date of receipt of appliances.

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