Elektrum Solar

Have you ever considered, how to increase independence from fluctuating electricity prices and live greener? Elektrum Solar is an investment into your future which provides this opportunity.

Elektrum solāraisElektrum Solar is an opportunity to use independently generated electricity by using sunlight. If you have a property with a possibility to install solar panels on the roof or ground, you can generate green electricity independently and use it free of charge from the first day of installation of solar panels. 

We will provide:

  • high-quality poly silicon solar panels;
  • delivery and installation of the most suitable set for your consumption;
  • assistance with preparation of documentation at the Ministry of Economics, the construction board and Sadales tīkls AS;
  • a possibility to acquire solar panels on the basis of interest-free hire-purchase with a term up to 5 years;
  • single electricity invoice; clear price conditions and favourable warranty conditions;
  • an option to view and follow the generated amount of electricity on the homepage.

Choose the most suitable set for your consumption

  Small Medium Large
Your monthly consumption of electricity* over 300 kWh over 550 kWh over 1500 kWh
Minimum number of phases 1 1 3
Number of panels 6 14 40
Power 1.5 kW 3.5 kW 10 kW
Generated amount per year 1424 kWh 3323 kWh 9493 kWh

*Recommended consumption on the condition, that 95% of generated electricity is used for self-consumption.

Price of the set - starting from 3259.99 EUR (including VAT). Price depends on the set you choose, taking into consideration number of phases and necessary power, preferable solar panel placement (on the roof or the ground), as well as additional services.

Principle of operation of solar panels

When choosing Elektrum Solar you will have net settlement. You will use the generated electricity primarily for self-consumption, but, if the electricity generated by solar panels will exceed the power of electric appliances in the house, it will be automatically transferred to the overall power transmission network. You will be able to use the amount of electricity transferred to the power transmission network during the particular year, paying only for the distribution system service and mandatory procurement components.

Elektrum Solar additional services

To protect installed solar panels from damage caused by lightning discharge we recommend equipping panels with lightning protection and overvoltage protection system. Additional services are available only if the building is equipped with earthing device.

How to apply?

Apply for consultation to choose the most suitable set and get answers to your questions. Our specialists will contact you to prepare an individual Elektrum Solar offer for you.

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