7 myths about solar panels

1. In Latvia the sun shines too rarely for solar panels to be useful

As a matter of fact the sun here shines almost as often as in Germany: 850–1,200 h/year. However, the amount of electricity generated by solar panels has nothing to do with this – solar panels use visible light for generation of electricity; therefore, solar panels generate electricity also in cloudy and rainy weather.

2. Solar panels generate electricity only in sunny weather

Elektrum Solar solar panels generate electricity not only in sunny, but also in cloudy weather; however, their efficiency is higher in sunny weather.

3. Maintenance of these panels is expensive and time-consuming

Solar panels don’t require regular maintenance, because the rain cleans dust from the panels, whereas snow melts and slides down when panels warm up. Of course, if you want, you can maintain and clean solar panels on regular basis by using appropriate cleaning tools and materials.

4. Solar panels are difficult to install and their assembly costs as much as panels themselves

Installation and assembly is included in the total price of set of panels , it is not necessary to make a separate payment. Assembly of solar panels after the process of coordination of documents requires on average only 2–3 days.

5. Panels spoil the house appearance and damage the roof

Using of solar panels becomes increasingly widespread and shows the green and modern thinking of the house owner; therefore, solar panels even give a certain status to the property. However, if you think that they don’t look good on the roof, solar panels can also be installed on the ground.

6. These technologies are still in the process of development and aren’t so efficient yet

Although technologies indeed develop increasingly faster each day, the principle of operation of solar panels remains the same. The service life of Elektrum Solar solar panels is at least 25 years, during which efficiency can decrease by 10–20%, but they will continue generating electricity for several years after that. The technology is advanced and efficient enough to ensure that installation of solar panels is useful and pays off.

7. The process of coordination of documents for installation of solar panels is long, complicated and time-consuming

Elektrum ensures full service: not only delivery and installation of solar panels at the customer’s site, but also assistance in coordination of solar panel installation documents at the Ministry of Economics, the building authority and Sadales tīkls AS, as well as finding a suitable set of solar panels. Thereby, we ensure our customer maximum consumption of self-generated electricity, the best efficiency of solar panel purchase , as well as fastest installation possible. The process of coordination of documents requires on at least 3 months, and we ensure that the customer is informed about each step and receives our support.

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