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About Elektrum solārais service

What is the difference between solar panels and solar collectors?

Using panels or solar batteries, solar energy can be converted into electricity. By using solar collectors, the solar energy is converted into thermal energy, which is used for heating water.

What affects the amount of generated electricity?

  • Location: solar panels will achieve the highest efficiency, if you will place them in southern direction at the angle of approximately 42 ° against the horizon, without shading.
  • Season: solar panels reach the highest return from March until September. In autumn and winter they ensure 10-20% of the total annual amount of generated electricity.
  • Intensity of annual solar radiation: Installation of solar panels in Latvia is useful, because the intensity of solar radiation is similar as in Germany and England: 850–1,200 h/year, where solar panels are used extensively.
  • Service life: the service life of solar panels is at least 25 years. During the first 10 years, the amount of generated electricity can gradually decrease by 10%, in further 15 years – by another 10%.
  • Amount of dust: solar panels that are installed away from roads, gather less dust; therefore, the intensity of generation of electricity doesn't decrease.

What to do with generated electricity that is not consumed?

By choosing Elektrum solārais, you will have net settlement connected – if the electricity generated by solar panels will exceed the power of electric appliances in the house, it will be automatically transferred to the overall power transmission network. You will be able to use the amount of electricity transferred to the power transmission network during the particular period, determined by AS “Sadales tīkls”, paying only for the distribution system service and mandatory procurement components. More about net settlement

Will solar panels generate electricity also when the common power transmission network will be disconnected (no voltage in the network)?

Since solar panels are connected to the common power transmission network, solar panels will not generate electricity during this period according to safety rules.

Does Elektrum solārais set also have warranty?

The warranty period of solar panels is 12 years, warranty period for inverter is 5 years, and for assembly works – 2 years.

If I install solar panels, will Elektrum Apdrošināts still be effective?

If you have chosen a product with Elektrum Apdrošināts, insurance conditions will also apply to Elektrum solārais solar panels.

How much approximately my monthly payment for electricity will decrease?

The decrease of your electricity invoice depends on your consumption at the moment when solar panels generate electricity:

  • you don't pay anything for the share of electricity generated by solar panels and used by yourself at the same moment;
  • for the share of electricity you transfer to the network and use later, you also pay for the transmission and distribution service, as well as for mandatory procurement components;
  • you pay full charge for the share you take from the network additionally to electricity generated by solar panels.


For example, your monthly consumption is 500 kWh. Solar panels have generated 400 kWh in the particular month, from which 300 kWh you used straight away, and the remaining 100 kWh were transferred to the network. Since the total monthly consumption comprises 500 kWh, you have consumed 200 kWh from the network: 100 kWh generated by solar panels and transferred to the network + additional 100 kWh from the network.

Your electricity invoice will be calculated as follows:

  • charge form transmission and distribution services, and mandatory procurement components will be calculated for 200 kWh (total amount of electricity consumed in this month from the network);
  • charge for electricity – for 100 kWh (consumed additionally from the network).

How long does it take for solar panels to pay off?

Solar panel pay off time depends on the chosen type of set of solar panels, electricity consumption and other factors. If you want to find out the paying off time for your property in particular, we invite you to apply for a consultation.

How long is the life expectancy of solar panels?

Life expectancy or operating period is at least 25 years. Their depreciation is approximately 1% a year, whereas the total depreciation doesn't exceed 20% of the initial generation capacity.

Does the price of solar panels differ, if panels are purchased through one-off payment or as hire-purchase?

We offer interest-free hire-purchase for solar panels – the purchase price won't differ disregarding whether you purchase solar panels through one-off payment or as hire-purchase.

If I purchase solar panels as hire-purchase, who has ownership rights of solar panels in the hire-purchase period?

From the moment of installation of solar panels and signing of acceptance certificate ownership rights of solar panels are transferred to the customer.

Do I have to pay for distribution system services, if solar panels are installed?

The payment for distribution services consists of 2 parts: charge for electricity supply and charge for ensuring of connection. While the electricity generated by solar panels is used for self-consumption, only the charge for ensuring of connection has to be paid. Connection fee is obligatory for all customers, despite solar panel installation. Electricity supply fee however does not apply for self-consumed electricity generated by solar panels. More about The payment for distribution services

Can I use the electricity generated by solar panels also to cover consumption in other properties included in my contract?

The electricity generated by solar panels can be used for self-consumption only in the property, where they are installed. For example, if you have included a house and apartment in the contract, the generated electricity will be applied in the invoice only to the house. For the electricity used in the apartment you will have to cover electricity expenses separately.

Does Elektrum solārais set also include a battery, which accumulates the non-consumed electricity?

Our offer does not include a battery or accumulator, the non-consumed electricity is transferred to the common power transmission network according to net settlement. The battery costs are as high as the entire Elektrum solārais set, and its service life is significantly shorter than the life cycle of solar panels. You can purchase an accumulator if you wish, but the installation has to be coordinated with SelSol in order for Elektrum solārais panel set warranty to be valid.

What is solar inverter? Why it is necessary?

Solar inverter converts the direct current generated by solar panels into the alternating current used in household. It is an integral part of Elektrum solārais set, because without it solar energy cannot be used for self-consumption.

Who manufactures Elektrum solārais solar panels?

Solar panels are manufactured in Lithuania by Solet.

Why should I pay the mandatory procurement component, if I generate electricity with solar panels and use green electricity?

You do not have to pay anything for the electricity you use during operation of solar panels.*

As soon as you start receiving electricity from the electricity grid, you should pay the distribution services fee and the mandatory procurement component fee. The mandatory procurement component (MPC) is a state support for installation of electricity generation capacities and generation of electricity, using these powers. The support is granted to those electricity generators, who have applied for it. The State has also set that each electricity consumer shall participate in funding of such an energy policy in proportion to his energy consumption. Therefore, you should pay the MPC for the electricity, which you receive from the grid regardless of its origin (according to Paragraph 17 of the Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Electricity and Section 30.1(3) of the Electricity Market Law).

* An exception is the distribution services fee for ensuring of connection or current strength of input protection apparatus – it is a fixed fee, which has to be covered regardless of your property’s electricity consumption or presence of solar panels. More information on distribution services is available here or on

About installation of Elektrum solārais

Where solar panels can be installed?

Solar panels can be installed both on the roof or on the ground.

Can solar panels be installed on all types of roofing?

Solar panels can be installed on all types of roofing, except thatched roofs. Only types of fastening of solar panels differ.

Should all solar panels within the set be installed in one place?

Solar panels can also be placed separately, independently from each other.

After what period of time after preparation of documents solar panels will be installed in my property?

We can install the panels at your location right after documents are settled, agreeing on installation time beforehand. Installation of solar panels requires on average 2–3 days.

Can solar panels be installed both for 1-phase and 3-phase connection?

Yes, solar panels can be installed both for 1- and 3-phase connection, only the type of set differs. If your property has 3-phase connection, the most suitable will be medium or large set. You can also choose the small set, but it is intended for 1-phase connection – you will be able to connect it only to one phase out of three.

How large is one solar panel and how much does it weigh?

One 250 W panel covers 1.63 m2 (1,640 x 992 x 42 mm), and it weighs 21 kg. One set can contain from 6 up to 40 solar panels.

Do solar panels require special maintenance?

Solar panels don't require regular maintenance, because rain cleans dust from them, whereas snow melts quickly or slides down when panels warm up. Of course, if you want, you can maintain and clean solar panels on regular basis by using appropriate cleaning tools and materials.

How many solar panels are already installed in Latvia?

By January 2017, the Ministry of Economics has issued 284 permits for installation of solar panels in Latvia.

Is it also possible to apply support of the European Union funds for installation of solar panels?

We don't provide support to customers for document forming in such projects. If any European Union project, which supports and compensates installation of panels, is in force at the moment of purchase of solar panels, you are welcome to inquire about participation in this project in the European Union funds:

Can solar panels be installed in addition to a solar collector? Can they be installed concurrently?

Both systems are not mutually connected, because panels generate electricity, whereas collectors – thermal energy; therefore, they can be installed concurrently.

Should the additional lightning protection system or overvoltage protection system be installed also in the case, if such systems are already installed in the property?

Yes, solar panels require additional protection from lightning or overvoltage. The systems already installed in the property will not protect solar panels. However, if you decide not to install these systems, the warranty will not be effective in the case of lighting or overvoltage causing damage to solar panels.

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