Power Supply Fault Insurance

Elektrum apdrošinātsPower supply fault insurance - ELEKTRUM APDROŠINĀTS is an insurance product designed in cooperation with Balta AAS insurance company specifically for our customers. This product is offered to legal entities to insure the company’s machinery, equipment, products and goods against various damage or destruction caused by interruption in electricity supply.

This insurance product will help you to avoid unexpected financial loss caused by different external interruptions in electricity supply. Such interruptions can include:

  • unplanned disruptions in electricity supply;
  • destruction caused by natural disasters;
  • sudden voltage drop or overvoltage.

In the event of an accident, losses will be compensated to perform:

  • repairs or procurement of the customer’s production machinery and equipment of the building;
  • replacement of goods, raw materials, unfinished and finished products;
  • salvage and clean-up works.

ELEKTRUM APDROŠINĀTS offers also ELEKTRUM APDROŠINĀTS help service. This service is available for customers with the annual limit up to 7,000 EUR and ensures:

  • arriving of electrical specialist on site for inspection of damage and providing consultations at any time convenient for the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in the entire territory of Latvia; 
  • determination of defects of damaged equipment and preparation of documents necessary for receiving compensation;
  • organization of repairs or replacement, as well as elimination of consequences at the site, after a compensation case. 

Customers of Elektrum can apply for damage and ELEKTRUM APDROŠINĀTS help service via phone, by calling +371 67 533 375

You can receive more detailed information about ELEKTRUM APDROŠINĀTS by contacting your customer relations manager or by calling us on the toll-free number 80 200 400.

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