Electricity for your company. Fixed, variable and Green energy products

Choose the product that suits you best, depending on your business needs, and we will contact you to offer the optimum solution. 

Fixed price offer

Fiksēta cena elektrībai - Elektrum uzņēmumiem

Plan your company’s electricity costs!

Fixed price advantages:

  • constant price throughout the agreement period, which will provide stability and security in the long run;
  • simplified extension of the agreement;
  • favourable and flexible payment terms. 



Variable price offer

Mainīga jeb biržas cena elektrībai - Elektrum uzņēmumiem

Buy electricity at the exchange price and plan your electricity consumption! 

Variable price advantages:

  • electricity at the hourly exchange rate;
  • no early termination fee;
  • favourable and flexible payment terms.



Elektrum Zaļais offer

Zaļā enerģija - Elektrum uzņēmumiem

Eco-friendly electricity for your business!

Green electricity advantages:

  • electricity generated 100% from renewable Latvian sources;
  • possibility to use the green energy trademark Powered by Green in your marketing activities.



How to become a customer? 

How to become a customer? For an electricity offer, please fill in the application form, send an email to klientu.serviss@elektrum.lv or call 8400! We will prepare an electricity offer that suits your company's needs.

If you want to change your electricity supplier, you don't have to do anything - we will take care of all the formalities!

Why choose Elektrum?

What is the area in which we can call ourselves professionals? Energy and everything that goes with it! Elektrum provides electricity, natural gas, energy risk insurance, solar panels and even electric vehicle charging solutions for your company.

By choosing us as your partner, your company is choosing green and environmentally friendly energy. In addition, you will also receive energy efficiency tips, a personal Customer Consultant and friendly customer service. And there are many more benefits just a few clicks away!

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