About Elektrum

With the opening of the energy markets, Latvenergo has created Elektrum an energetic and friendly brand that can present complicated things in an easy and understandable way to everyone.

We know that real wisdom is not just to create and manage energy, but also to make it understandable and friendly for you – the energy user. We offer the best Elektrum products for your wallet and services for your convenience.

We are just a click away! In our portal, you can easily and quickly resolve all energy-related issues. 

Let us continue to work to make your cooperation with us fast, comfortable and friendly, helping you get more by spending less of your energy. Because energy is not just wires and technology. We create it ourselves.

Save your energy, rely on ours!

Advantages of Elektrum

Is your company looking for a stable and experienced cooperation partner, who is able to ensure services at necessary level and solve the problems that have occurred by offering new and innovative solutions?

Our experience in the free electricity market since 2007 helps us to better understand and adapt to your expectations by offering you electricity and natural gas products, services in the field of green energy and energy efficiency that are most appropriate for your needs, as well as to find the most appropriate cooperation model for both parties.

Our 80-year experience in generation of electricity guarantees stability and security of our customers. Moreover, Elektrum apdrošināts will assist you in prevention of unexpected financial losses caused due to various cases of interruption of electricity supply.

Elektrum Energomonitorings is our service for legal customers, which ensures simple and comfortable supervision of electricity consumption.

By choosing Elektrum electricity products, you not only support the economy of your country, but also select electricity, which is environmentally friendly – we are considered one of the greenest electricity producers in Europe.

As an environmentally friendly company, we are offering one of the environmentally friendliest types of energy in the world – solar energy, which can be used by purchasing Elektrum solārais solar panels and solar collectors.

When you choose Elektrum, you get a number of advantages:

par_mums_e.png Elektrum.lv - convenient and modern self-service portal par_mums_pbg.png Environmentally friendly energy
par_mums_smaids.png Personal consultant and friendly customer service via 8400 par_mums_rekins_01957.png Simple and understandable electricity and natural gas bills
EEC ikonas p_rveidojums-02.png Consultations and seminars at our Energy Efficiency Center free of charge par_mums_eparaksts.png
E-signature as an options for signing contracts and other documents