Elektrum Smart House


Have you ever thought about how to improve the efficiency of managing your business and possibly reduce the heating costs? We offer you Elektrum Smart House solutions. These are state-of-the-art technical solutions that will help you achieve your aspirations.


Imagine how convenient it would be if you no longer had to think about things such as regulating heating in your office, point of sale, workshop or elsewhere every day. The temperature set by you would be maintained in the premises according to the Heating Schedule made by you and thus your heating costs would be reduced. This is a way to manage your business in an efficient manner.

Elektrum Smart House offers the opportunity to analyse electricity consumption and save by wisely using modern technology. From now on, you will be able to use your smartphone to control the climate and electrical facilities remotely in a place and time convenient for you – to switch the electrical appliances on and off, keep track of their consumption and set the desired temperature indoors.

Electricity consumption analysis capabilities


If you want to find out how to enhance the efficiency of electricity costs and learn about the consumption of electrical appliances used on a daily basis, use the Elektrum Smart House sockets. This will allow you to see the current consumption of each connected appliance as well as the historical consumption graph for the last 7 days in the mobile application.

Saving / Energy Efficiency


To enhance the efficiency of costs during the heating season, we recommend reducing the temperature in the premises when no one is staying there. Set the daily schedule in the mobile application, and Smart House will make sure that the premises are warm and comfortable when there are employees or visitors and cooler at times when they are usually empty. This way, heating costs can be reduced by up to 30%.

You can tailor to your needs the range and number of Smart House appliances that suit you best.

Smart home devices

Send in your application, and we will help you find the right set of appliances for your needs.