Elektrum Dinamiskais and the market price

We offer our customers an electricity product – Elektrum Dinamiskais – that has its price bound to the Nord Pool Spot electricity exchange. If you want to try out new options and are not afraid to risk, this product is specifically suited for you. Based on electricity price variations on the Nord Pool Spot exchange, your electricity price will be different each month. If Nord Pool Spot exchange prices fall, your monthly payment will be lower, and vice versa – if prices increase, you will have to pay more for your electricity.

If you select this product, the price per kilowatt-hour will be based on the previous month’s weighted average Nord Pool Spot electricity price in the Latvia bidding area. In addition to these expenses, you will incur a trading service fee, as specified in the agreement.

Chart type

This graph reflects the average Nord Pool Spot price per month and the weighted average price in EUR per kWhin the Latvia region, excl. VAT. Nord Pool Spot exchange prices are available on the Nord Pool website.

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