How to pay for electricity

Elektrum offers its customers two payment options. Balanced Payment is suitable if you like to control and plan your budget – you will know how much you spend on electricity for the next 12 months. Bill is the best choice for customers who prefer to pay for the exact amount consumed. Your bill will be issued for the kilowatt hours consumed in the previous month.  

Some electricity products can only be paid for using either the Balanced Payment or Bill, while both payment options are available for other products. You can see and change your payment type in the Contracts section of the portal.  

Balanced payment

The Balanced payment is a simple and convenient payment procedure. With the Balanced payment, you will pay a fixed amount each month that you will know in advance. The monthly Balanced payment amount is calculated for each customer individually according to their average electricity consumption.


  • Meter readings do not have to be handed in.
  • The amount to be paid remains the same month to month. 
  • You will be able to adjust the payable amount at any time – for example, if expecting to consume less in the future, you will be able to reduce the monthly payment. 

You can apply to the Balanced Payment after authorization in the Payments section.


If you are paying by bill, meter readings as of the previous month’s last day must be handed in until the 3rd day of each month. In a few days, we will calculate your consumption over the previous month and send a bill to you.

You can select the most convenient bill delivery option:

  • By mail;
  • By e-mail (e-invoice); 
  • By text message to your phone. 


If you choose to receive the bill by mail or SMS, you may incur additional mail or text message charges. Please see the current information in the Service Charges section. 

If you do not wish to wait to receive the next bill, you can pay immediately after submitting the meter readings! In this case, the portal will calculate your payment amount based on your submitted data. Until the bill is created in the first weeks of the next month, your payment will appear as overpaid amount in the portal. In some cases, if your submitted data will differ from the data collected by electricity distributor Sadales tīkls, the sum in the bill may differ from the payment amount the portal calculated. 

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