How to pay for electricity

Elektrum offers its customers two payment options:

  • Balanced Payment is suitable if You like to control and plan your budget – You will know how much You spend on electricity for the next 12 months. Read more!
  • Bill is the best choice for customers who prefer to pay for the exact amount consumed. Your bill will be issued for the kilowatt hours consumed in the previous month.  Read more!

Some electricity products can only be paid for using either the Balanced Payment or Bill, while both payment options are available for other products. You can see and change your payment type in the Contracts section of the portal.  

What is the most suitable method of payment for You?


Bill is suitable for You, if


Balanced Payment is suitable for You, if


You want to keep track of your monthly electricity consumption;

keksis_2.png You like to plan your spending in the long term; 
keksis_2.png You want to pay for your actual consumption;  keksis_2.png You want to pay the same amount every month; 

You want to receive a bill for the consumed electricity every month;


You do not want to wait for the bill – you want to pay for electricity at any time;

 keksis_2.png You are a user of or Elektrum mobile app; keksis_2.png You are satisfied that the electricity consumption and the payments made are compared once a year;

You are willing to submit meter readings every month, from the 27th day until the 3rd day of the following month, or you have a smart meter that records the readings automatically.

keksis_2.png You have a regular meter and do not want to submit the readings more than once every six months.
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