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Variable or fixed price natural gas product? Would you like to find out which one is the best for your household? Calculate and choose the right one for you!

Natural gas prices at contract conclusion, valid from 1 August 2024:

Elektrum natural gas for kitchen - 0.05900 EUR/kWh (natural gas price with excise 0.00165 EUR/kWh and VAT 21% - 0.07339 EUR/kWh);
Elektrum natural gas for heating - 0.04400 EUR/kWh (natural gas price with 0.00165 EUR/kWh excise and 21% VAT - 0.05524 EUR/kWh).

For the prices of other Elektrum natural gas products, including fixed and exchange prices, please refer to the descriptions of these products.

Questions on how to switch natural gas traders? Take a look at our FAQ section! 

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