All about payment

Elektrum offers its customers two payment options:

  • Balanced Payment is suitable if you like to control and plan your budget – you will know how much you spend on natural gas for the next 12 months. Read more!
  • Bill is the best choice for customers who prefer to pay for the exact amount consumed. Your bill will be issued for the kilowatt hours consumed in the previous month.  Read more!

You can see and change your payment type in the Contracts section of the portal.  

What is the most suitable method of payment for you?

Bill is suitable for You, if:

 Balanced Payment is suitable for You, if:

  • You want to keep track of your monthly natural gas consumption;
  • You like to plan your spending in the long term; 
  • You want to pay for your actual consumption; 
  • You want to pay the same amount every month; 
  • You want to receive a bill for the consumed natural gas every month;
  • You do not want to wait for the bill – you want to pay for natural gas at any time;
  • You are a user of or Elektrum mobile app;
  • You are satisfied that the natural gas consumption and the payments made are compared once a year;
  • You are willing to submit meter readings every month, from the 27th day until the 1st working day of the following month
  • You do not want to submit the readings more than once every six months.



You can pay for the natural gas consumed via the portal, in cash or by cashless transfer and via online banking. Choose the payment option that suits you best. 

Payments via the portal 

If you are a registered user of our self-service portal, you can make easy and convenient payments in the Payments section. You can also see your previous payment history here.  

Cashless payments

Pay by transfer or payment card via your online bank or by bank transfer to one of the following bank accounts: 

  • Swedbank AS: LV12HABA0551010911816
  • Luminor Bank AS Latvijas filiāle: LV88RIKO0000081839070
  • Citadele banka AS: LV73PARX0000022130005
  • SEB banka AS: LV93UNLA0050007013441


Please specify these details when making a payment: 

  • Beneficiary: Latvenergo AS 
  • Registration No.: 40003032949
  • Your Latvenergo contract number for this payment. 

Automated payment of bills 

By applying for the automated payment of bills, you will not have to remember about making payments every month. The bank will take care of making the payment for you from your account according to the amount of your Balanced Payment or your bill. You just have to make sure that there is a sufficient balance on your account. 

Apply for the automated payment of bills at a branch office of your bank or via your online bank, specifying your Latvenergo contract number. 


Cash payments 

You can pay for natural gas in cash at:

  • commercial banks of Latvia,
  • post offices of Latvijas Pasts,
  • In shops Maxima, Mego, LaTS, Narvesen, top! (only in shops owned by SIA "Firma Madara 89").