Elektrum mobile application

Elektrum App - manage your energy wisely! Follow and quickly resolve any energy related issues in your home and business. Notifications and readings, payments, reminders, exchange prices, reports and e-shop - all this and more in the updated Elektrum App!

Novelty - content that adapts to your needs! Choose the sections you are interested in and arrange them so that every day important things are just a click away.

Elektrum mobile application

Solve all matters related to electricity and natural gas: submit meter readings, make payments, add new items, update personal information, and follow your current consumption, compare it to previous periods, and receive tips on efficient home management without compromising comfort.

Customers of Elektrum Dinamiskais can save by using fluctuations in electricity prices on the exchange. Follow the current price of electricity on the exchange and plan the use of electrical appliances during the hours of the day when electricity on the exchange is cheaper. Receive notifications on price fluctuations and spend energy wisely.

Energy never ends with "Friendly Benefits"! Receive special offers for our partners' products and services as part of the Elektrum Loyalty program.

Search for the Elektrum App in the AppStore and GooglePlay and install on your phone with one touch!

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You will have access to the following sections and features:

  • SUBMIT READINGS - a convenient way to submit your electricity meter readings;
  • MAKE PAYMENTS - you will be able to make payments for electricity and natural gas with a payment card or in the Internet bank;
  • PAYMENT OVERVIEW - full payment history so you can follow your electricity payments;
  • CONSUMPTION OVERVIEW - the ability to follow electricity consumption over a longer period of time and view it in the form of a graph;
  • CONTRACTS - an opportunity to easily review the existing contract and apply for necessary adjustments;
  • CUSTOMER INFORMATION - so you can easily review and update it if necessary or in case of changes;
  • EXCHANGE PRICES - necessary for those who have chosen the product Elektrum Dinamiskais and/or follow the changes in the price of electricity on the exchange;
  • ENERGO PULSS - helps you understand how efficiently you use electricity on a daily basis and provides useful tips on how to smartly manage your home without compromising comfort;
  • ELECTRIC CAR CHARGING - shortcut to electric car charging;
  • REMINDERS - you will receive a reminder by phone about entering readings and/or paying bills;
  • FRIENDLY BENEFITS - comfortably view all current "Friendly Benefits" offers and the get the opportunity to save the coupon on your phone;
  • BULB SELECTION ASSIST - so that you no longer have to stand puzzled by the shelves of light bulbs in stores, trying to understand which bulb to choose and not to overpay;
  • CONTACTS - our Customer Service is always at the reach of a button.

Search for the Elektrum App in the AppStore and GooglePlay and install on your phone with one touch!

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Elektrum. Increase friendly energy!