Calculator of electricity products


Calculate the product that is most suitable for you, depending on your electricity consumption. The calculator is based on a phase 1 connection, the new tariff for distribution system services (PAMATA-1 1F) and 16 amperes (16A).

From 1st July 2023, new tariffs for electricity distribution system services of Sadales tīkls AS will come into force. You will see your current tariff in your electricity bills, in the "My contracts" section of the portal, under the "Objects" tab, as well as in the customer portal of Sadales tīkls AS Learn more

The price calculated in the calculator is the price applicable to new customers. If you are an Elektrum customer and have an existing contract, the contract price may differ from the price shown in the calculator. You can see your contract price in My contracts.


For your information! If you switch to Elektrum and sign a contract from the 1st to the 9th date of the month, it will be valid from the 1st day of the following month. If you sign from the 10th to the last day of the month, the contract will start on the 1st day of the next month.

Load consumption


I have a voucher

I want to buy natural gas as a package with electricity, thus making a single payment for both services.

Your average monthly consumption
Please specify your average monthly consumption.


Permitted load m³/h
Permitted load (m³/h). You can see it on the meter or in the previous natural gas contract.

Elektrum Ekonomiskais

3.92 EUR per month

for 0 kWh

Electricity EUR 0.00
Distribution EUR 3.24
VAT (%) EUR 0.68

A good price for 1 kWh if you are willing to pay a fixed price and your consumption is less than 200 kWh per month.

You can choose the most suitable payment method for you – Balanced payment or Invoice.

Elektrum Stabilais

5.42 EUR per month

for 0 kWh

Electricity EUR 1.24
Distribution EUR 3.24
VAT (%) EUR 0.94

If you want a fixed electricity price for a longer period, Elektrum Stabilais is the best choice for you!

Elektrum Dinamiskais

6.42 EUR per month

for 0 kWh

The calculation was made using weighted average exchange price of electricity for the last month and standard hourly consumption division calculated by AS "Sadales tikls".

Electricity EUR 2.07
Distribution EUR 3.24
VAT (%) EUR 1.11

If you are willing to pay a variable price in accordance with monthly exchange prices, this product is for you!

The calculation is made using weighted average exchange price for the last month and the standard hourly consumption division, calculated by Sadales tīkls AS, that does not guarantee this price in the future.