Balanced Payment

The Balanced Payment is a simple and convenient payment procedure. With the Balanced Payment, you will pay a fixed amount each month that you will know in advance. The monthly Balanced Payment amount is calculated for each customer individually according to their average electricity consumption.

Balanced Payment.png

Advantages of using the Balanced Payment:

  • In the darker and colder months, when electricity consumption usually increases, you will pay for less than you spend. You will then balance out the difference by paying slightly more in summer;
  • You will find it easier to plan your budget, because you will know the monthly payment amount in advance;
  • Paying for electricity is simple and convenient, because you do not have to take meter readings and make calculations every month;
  • You will be able to adjust the payable amount at any time – for example, if expecting to consume less in the future, you will be able to reduce the monthly payment. 

Balanced Payment advantages.png

You can apply to the Balanced Payment after authorization in the Payments section.