About the natural gas market

The natural gas energy market in Latvia operates on a similar principle as the electricity market: we provide natural gas trading, while the transmission and distribution operators Conexus Baltic Grid AS and Gaso AS ensure distribution services, transmission and storage, irrespective of the selected trader.


How the natural gas market works in Latvia?


What makes up a natural gas price?

Since the opening of the natural gas market, the payment for natural gas depends on various factors: the selected product, the consumption and the type of connection.

Your total payment for natural gas is made up of 5 components:

  • the natural gas price that we offer to you as your selected trader;
  • the payment for transmission services, set for all customers by Conexus Baltic Grid AS;
  • the payment for distribution services, set for all customers by Gaso AS;
  • the excise duty, set and regulated by the state;
  • the value added tax (VAT), set and regulated by the state.



Frequently asked questions and answers

What do I need to do to change my natural gas trader and sign a natural gas contract with Elektrum?

If you want to sign a natural gas trade contract with Elektrum, the most convenient way to do this using the calculator, find the product that suits you best and click on “Sign a contract”. We will take care of all the formalities related to changing the natural gas trader.

If you submit an application for the conclusion of a contract by the 15th of the month, the contract will take effect on the 1st day of the following month. However, if you submit the application after the 16th, we will be able to conclude the contract on the 1st of the month after the next month.

Do I need to contact my previous natural gas trader if I want to switch my natural gas to Elektrum?

When you conclude a natural gas contract with us, the contract with the previous trader for this object will be terminated automatically. You need to contact your previous natural gas trader if you have made an overpayment. When changing natural gas trader, any overpayment in cash will not be transferred to the new trader.