The bill is the best choice if you prefer to pay for the exact amount consumed. Your bill will be issued for the kilowatt hours consumed in the previous month and sent to you at the beginning of the next month.


Submitting meter readings 

Submit the meter readings from the 27th day until the 1st business day of the next month (inclusive):


Choose the bill delivery option 

You can select the most convenient bill delivery option for you:

Bill delivery options - E-bill, SMS bill, Bill by post

Please see the Service fee section for up-to-date information on additional charges when choosing to receive your bill by post or SMS. 


Pay your bill in a way which suits you best 

  • By paying on the portal;
  • By paying via online banking;
  • By paying in cash at bank branches, post offices of Latvijas Pasts, Maxima shops and elsewhere where such payments are accepted; 
  • By agreeing with your bank on making payments for your e-invoice.

When making a payment, please specify your contract number. Please see the payment details here!