Electricity generation

We are an environmentally-friendly company, leader in generation of electricity and thermal energy in Latvia, providing approximately 80% of the total amount of electricity generated in the country. We offer our customers environmentally friendly energy that has been acknowledged as being among the greenest in Europe. 

We use two types of energy sources in the energy generation process:

  • Renewable energy sources at power plants that use water, biomass and wind
  • Highly efficient co-generation in gas-fired power plants.



Most of electricity is generated in the three largest Daugava hydropower plants in the country, which ensure an environmentally friendly way of generating electricity, because we use water, a renewable energy source, to operate them. The rest of the electricity is generated by Riga combined heat and power plants.

We are putting more and more emphasis on green energy generation.

This is why we are both reconstructing the equipment of our hydropower plants and exploring new ways of generating electricity. Today's need to respect environmental requirements is self-evident, and these factors of environment preservation must be recognized. Thus, we place more and more emphasis on a unified system for environmental protection. Modernisation of equipment is just one of the steps towards the implementation of working in a more environmentally-friendly way.

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