Everything you need on the go

Everything you need on the go

Manage your energy wisely! Follow and quickly resolve any energy related issues in your home and business. Notifications and readings, payments, reminders, exchange prices, reports and e-shop - all this and more in the Elektrum App!

About us

What is the area in which we can call ourselves professionals? Energy and everything that goes with it! Electricity for your appliances, natural gas for heating and the kitchen, solar panels and heating solutions for the household, charging stations for electric vehicles, energy risk insurance for peace of mind, and tips for more efficient household management.

With us, choosing the right product is easy, and paying your bills and sending your meter readings – quick and convenient. All the information you need is just a few clicks away here in the portal and on the mobile app. And always friendly customer service! Pleasure to cooperate!

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840 000 customers in the Baltics - Elektrum

customers in the Baltics


most loved brand in the industry

2/3 of the energy we generate is green

of the energy we generate is green

10 years in the Baltics

in the Baltics

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Elektrum Drive has tested more than 50 electric vehicles


Elektrum Drive, in cooperation with car dealers, has created a catalogue of tests of electric vehicles available on the market, which is unique for the Baltic States.

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How do we use natural gas in our homes?


Natural gas plays an important role in our daily lives to meet our daily energy needs, from its use in the home, cooking on the stove or enjoying the heat provided by natural gas, to industry.

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Air fryer – a fashion item or a kitchen essential?


An air fryer or air grill is essentially a miniature oven, but its heating elements are located only at the top and are accompanied by a powerful fan. Usually, the fryer also comes with a perforated basket or rack where the food is placed, ensuring that hot air is available from all sides and that the food is cooked quickly and evenly.

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