Energy Labels

Before you buy electrical appliances, please become acquainted with their energy efficiency label – the coloured sticker, which will help you make a more environmentally and wallet-friendly choice.

Energy label is a tool for the comparison of electricity and water consumption, sound level, capacity and other parameters of different appliances. The energy label also contains information about the energy efficiency class of the appliance or how efficiently the appliance consumes electricity. The higher the energy efficiency class, the more efficient and qualitative functioning of the appliance.

On 1 March 2021, new energy labelling was introduced for certain groups of electrical appliances, with the highest energy efficiency class A without additional plus signs. The new energy labelling is intended for:

  • luminaires and lamps,
  • refrigerators and freezers,
  • washing machines,
  • washing machines-driers,
  • dishwashers,
  • TVs and electronic displays.

You can find more information about the changes to the energy labelling in this article.

Please view energy labels of different devices, their explanation and changes compared to the previous marking.


Solid fuel boilers

Air conditioner with cooling function

Air conditioner with cooling and heating functions and an air-to-air heat pump

Set of devices

Hot water storage tank

Combined boiler



Heat pump



Boiler space heaters


Cooker hood

Hot water boiler

Washing machine

Washing machine-drier

Tumble dryer

Ventilation equipment